21st July 2016 Thursday


The Immense Merits of Al-Sham Al-Shariff

Forty Narrations on The Immense Merits of al-Shâm
Compiled and Translated by Shaykh Dr. Gibril Haddad

Date: 21st July 2016 Thursday

Start: Isha


Venue: Dar Ibn Abbas, 17 Cross St, Bankstown NSW 2200

Fee: Free



The Arabic word al-Shâm has been left untranslated for lack of an English equivalent. It is originally written and pronounced al-Sha’m and means “the North” with relation to the Hijaz, covering the lands of present-day Syria, Palestine, Lebanon, and Jordan from the Euphrates to Sinai. Ibn Hibban said: “Al-Shâm begins at Bâlis [East of Aleppo] and ends at `Arish Misr [at the border of Egypt].” The lexical and geographical inclusion of al-Qudus (Jerusalem) in al-Shâm in the language of the Arabs is established by the narration of Salman al-Farisi’s question to the Christians of Persia: “Where is the origin of this religion?” They replied: “In al-Shâm.” In modern usage al-Shâm often means old Damascus. The Arabic term for the latter is Dimashq, which is cited in the authentic hadith.

In a kitab published by Shaykh Dr. Gibril, he compiled 40 Narrations on the immense merits of Al-Sham. This sharing session at Dar Ibn Abbas will be an introduction and sharing of selections from the kitab.

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