BODY, MIND & SOUL – 2 days intensive Sydney spiritual retreat

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Start: 5am 23rd Saturday June 2018

Finish: 7pm 24th Saturday June 2018

Venue: 299 Belmore Road, Riverwood


Mindfulness & Contemplation

  • Personal growth advice
  • Mindfulness & Life goal setting
  • Are we alone and helpless in this world?
  • One who knows oneself knows God
  • Does God send a solution for every trial and tribulation? How to seek that solution?


  • Pre-dawn session
  • Chanting circles
  • Mawlid (sacred poetry recitation)
  • Nasheeds (spiritual songs)


  • History of Sufism and Naqshbandi Sufi Order
  • Body, Mind and Soul
  • Happiness and Victory
  • Spiritual Guidance

The two day intensive retreat is aimed at anyone keen to learn about spirituality or who is currently a Naqshbandi mureed. The two days will provide an experience and training to many aspects of Sufism and Naqshbandi Sufi Order so that participants can continue their practise of spirituality post retreat with greater ease. This kind of intensive retreats are rarely held in Australia and provides a rare learning opportunity for initiation into spirituality or improvement in practise of spirituality.

Cost: FREE

The event will be kept free at the door to make it affordable. However we encourage attendees to contribute $30 each, during the event, if possible towards food costs. We also welcome donations of food catering

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