Recitation Kitabs for Tour

Please get a hardcopy of the following two kitabs that will inshallah be widely recited during events everyday of the tour.

Ratib Al-Haddad (online copy available here)

Al-Wird Al-Latif (online copy available here)

Wird (pl. awrad)

is any litany one chooses to recite for invocatory purposes, such as the Asma al-usna (the Ninety Nine Names of Allah) for example. 

Al-Wird al-Latif

The Graceful and Benevolent Litany –reflects on the many Attributes of Allah, was compiled by Imam Abdullah ibn Alawi Al-Haddad. It consists of invocatory sayings of the Prophet s.a.w, holistically weaved into pertinent Qur’anic Verses, and coupled with a number of inspirational lines provided by the author himself.


in Arabic means to arrange in a regular sequence. Thus a Rātib is a sequential supplication to Allāh s.w.t.

Ratib Al-Haddad

consists of the most well-known supplications of Prophet s.a.w, sequentially arranged by Imam Abdullah ibn Alawi Al-Haddad for regular voluntary recitation. It is a collection of sūrahs (chapters) and verses from the Holy Qur’ān as well as the kalimāt (declarations of Muslim belief), tasbīhāt (glorification of Allāh s.w.t.) and various du‘ā (supplications) which the Beloved Prophet s.a.w. recommended in his Blessed Sayings or Hadīth.

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