Learning and knowing about Islam started with the companions accessing the Prophet (saw). After the time of the Prophet (saw), while revelations had ended, the knowledge that he shared was passed on by the companions to their next generation in a systematic inter-generational transmission way. That method of knowledge transmission continued and remains till today. While Islamic knowledge transmission across generations remained similar (i.e. the essence was the same), because each region or space in the world varied the knowledge transmission flowed with different approaches. For instance in some places there was more emphasis on scholarly texts for ordinary lay learning, the depth to which they taught some Islamic sciences also varied etc. When the approaches of knowledge transmission continued long enough, knowledge traditions emerged.


Basmala Mission’s Program to connect youths and adults to past Islamic scholarship involves different approaches. The aim is to allow the seekers gain access to the ilm (knowledge) that those scholarship shared and which is still being transmitted today.

Shaykh Samsuddin Sumatrani (Melaka)

Habib Abdullah Abu Bakar Al-Hadar (Melaka)

Shaykh Arifin Ismail (Melaka)

Shaykh Abdurrauf Assingkili (Aceh)

Shaykh Hamzah Fansuri (Aceh)

Sultan Iskandar Muda (Aceh)

Habib Nuh Al Habshi (Singapore)

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