26th July 2016 Tuesday

The Muhammadan Light in the Qur’an, Sunna, and Companion Reports

Start: Isha

Event Partner: Religion of Peace

Venue: Galipoli Mosque Youth Centre, Auburn

Fee: Free



200 verses of Qur’an and over 250 texts from the Prophet’s biography (sira), his Attributes (shama’il) and unique aspects (khasa’is), the spiritual poetry of the Companions and Awliya, and commentary of the Qur’an and Hadith on the Light of the Prophet Muḥammad (upon whom be peace) and his Inheritors.

When I beheld his lights shining out, I placed in awe my hand before my eyes, In fear for my sight at the beauty of his frame; and now I look at him only to my capacity. His light has made all lights drown in his lights. -Hassan b. Thabit

Review of book by a community readers

Review 1

I read the book quite fast, and I might read it again. The work has the complete Arabic and English together. One page is Arabic and the next is in English. As I was reading the text, it very much reminded me of Imam Tirmidhis collection of the “Shamail”. I think in the future, these two books will be read together.

Review 2

This book is fantastic. It contains exactly what the title would suggest: Qur’anic ayat, ahadith, and reports from the Sahaba (plus Tabi’in, Tabi’ at-Tabi’in, and later Awliya’) all about the Prophet ﷺ not only being described as “light” but with numerous other attributes that made him ﷺ, though human, more than just a “normal human” as we are. This includes a subtle refutation of those against tawassul, though the book is not a refutation in its format. The compiler lets these texts speak for themselves, and though the book is split up into sections based on general themes, he does not repeat himself by reproducing the same texts in full as refutation books tend to. It’s just a really great collection of texts in both Arabic and English translation that serve the end goal of making us feel an immense love for the Prophet ﷺ as we are supposed to as Muslims. Definitely recommended for all.

Review 3


This Book is About the Best, Highest and Most Beloved of All creations, The Light of Islam, The Prophet of Mercy, Love and Peace Muhammad (SallalahUw Alayhi Wa Alihi Wasallam)

Words can’t describe the content of this book. I can’t use words from my own creativity but using the title and specifically the word ‘Light’ is what this book is.

A Must Have for All Muslims and it is both in Arabic and English Languages (reference then english translation).

What a Beautiful Book to read which is for the Heart. If you want to Purify Your heart, then I Suggest another book to read called ‘Purification of the Heart’ authored by Hamza Yusuf (also in audio lectures too).

May Allah Reward the blessed Personalities who put this Book together and to those who read, Memorise and share it be also rewarded because of Holy Prophet (Sallalahuw Alayhi Wa Alihi Wasallam).


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