Islamic Street University

isu youtube


To partner current education and training providers and inform youths on available opportunities

To provide short courses and training

To connect youths to their own, original traditions of Islamic scholarship, anchoring them within at least: one tradition of

  • learning Islamic sciences
  • learning and practicing Tassawuf (spirituality)

To connect youths to Australian and global scholarship and Higher Education spaces


The inspiration for Islamic Street University are the following:

Firstly Tedd Noffs Foundation’s Street University project. We found their project to be highly innovative and supportive of youths’ needs.

Secondly, ISU will be commenced in memory of a late learned ulema (Islamic scholar), Habib Munzir Musawa, who devoted his efforts to education of street kids in crowded urban cities and impoverished villages in Indonesia. He motivated the street kids, through education, to find inner peace and turn away from violence, crime, socially irresponsible behaviours and drugs. He taught them how to rein in the internal demons, set life goals, be focused on life priorities, and appreciate the sanctity of life and beauties of this world. Many former drug addicts, alcoholics and criminals responded to his message, which finds its meanings and philosophies in the very basics of Islamic tradition. The ulema once shared that Prophet s.a.w appeared in his dream and informed that he will pass from this world at age of 40. True enough in 2013, he passed at the age of 40 years.



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