23rd July 2016 Saturday

Conversation Session

“Tasawuf, Tariqah and Shariah”


Start: Asar onwards till past Isha

Venue: Zawiya Shaykh Abdullah Dagestani (35/398 Marion St, Condell Park), Basmala Islamic Street University @ Condell Park

Fee: Free


Tasawuf and tariqah are two of the most confused and misunderstood concepts amongst Sydney Muslim communities. Due to the confusion, people struggle to understand the links between tasawuf, tariqah and shariah.

Imam Malik says: من تصوف و لم يتفقه فقد تزندق و من تفقه و لم يتصوف فقد تفسق و من جمع بينهما فقد تحقق ” Whoever acquires tasawwuf without fiqh is a heretic and whoever studies fiqh without tasawwuf is unrighteous and who combines both has the reality”

This session will clarify the definitions of Tasawuf, Tariqah and Shariah in Islam and the relationships

SGH event poster

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