Advisory Board of Imams


The advisory board of imams includes following ulemas/imams, whose profiles can be found further below

Ustad Budi Juliani

Ustad Muhsin Hamzah

Ustad Bahrun Mubarok

Habib Qais Assegaf

Ustad Ahmad Azhari Adam


To advice on how to develop ustad daii/ imam/ulema services in Sydney, Melbourne and Newcastle.

Ustad Budi Juliandi


Ustad Budi Juliandi is a formal Muslim Scholar (Ulema), Imam and Academic/Researcher focusing on Islamic Law, Islamic Family Law, Islam and Politics. Ustad Budi is currently a Ph.D candidate of Graduate School State Islamic University Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta. Prior to that he completed his earlier Islamic studies in Modern Islamic Boarding School in Medan, North Sumatra, Indonesia.  He was also the visiting Scholar to the Academic in charge of Islamic Higher Education (ARFI) in Tunisia. October, 25th- November, 26th 2013, and it was sponsored by The Ministry of Religious Affairs in Indonesia. He was also visiting Muslim Scholar invited by Dompet Dhuafa Australia to build the understanding of Islam as a very tolerant religion practiced harmoniously among others in society, from 19 July-10 Ausgust 2013. During that program, he was invited by Islamic Centre of Newcastle-Australia for three weeks, during which time he was featured in Newcastle Herald for conducting a Ramadan Maghrib prayer before iftaar. He was also khateeb, on invitations from Mosques/Islamic Centres in Newcastle and Sydney, during that trip to Australia.

1097700_622294174469607_533390608_o 798233_622287097803648_289992309_o

Ustad Budi has taught in various places including STAIN in Aceh which is a higher education institute that offers diploma Islamic Education programs. However Ustad Budi is focusing on his academic/research career. He has presented locally in Indonesia and abroad.


“Islamic Family Law in Tunisia”
14th Annual International Conference on Islamic Studies (AICIS) on Responding the Challenges of Multicultural Societies: The Contribution of Islamic Studies Balikpapan Indonesia
Islamic General Director of Islamic Education Ministry of Religious Affairs in Indonesia. November, 21st -24th 2014.

“Women and King Muhammad VI in Islamic Family Law Reform in Marocco”

International Seminar on “The Practice of Islamic Law in the Modern World”

Faculty of Sharia and Law Syarif Hidayatullah State Islamic University (UIN)

Jakarta Indonesia on December 11-12, 2013.

Ustad Muhsin Hamzah


Muhsin Hamzah Co-founded Being Life Series and Being Center. Born and raised in Singapore, received his early Islamic education from his grandfather the late Ustaz Mohamed Ibrahim Mohamed Kassim and other Islamic teachers in Singapore. He spent most of his youth actively with different Islamic learning circles in Singapore. Also the co-founder of Al-Fathhu Traditional Learning Center, Singapore. After completing his Post Graduate Diploma in Islamic Studies from IIUM in Singapore he is currently pursuing his Masters Degree in Arts and Social Change at Starr King School for the Ministry in Berkeley, California

Ustad Bahrun Mubarok

10648869_874321585911813_5438890640693669795_o (1)

Ustad Bahrun Mubarok is an Ulema ,Imam and English language teacher in Indonesia. He started learning Islamic studies from his family of religious scholars in Central Java.His father taught Islam at both formal school and Majelis Ta’lim in his village and introduced to Ustad Bahrun to various Islamic sciences such as Al-Qur’an, fiqh, tauhid, and Arabic since his very young age. Ustad Bahrun completed his high school education in Islamic Boarding Schools in other towns in West Java such as Cirebon, Garut, and Bandung. Ustadz Bahrun Mubarok finished his first degree majoring in Islamic Law at University of Al-Musaddadiyyah Garut and his master degree majoring in Middle East Studies at University of Indonesia in jakarta. At this moment, he is a Ph.D candidate of State Islamic University Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta majoring in Islamic thought.

Since 1994, Ustadz Bahrun Mubarok has been teaching Islamic Classes at Madrasah (Islamic School), Islamic Boarding School (pesantren) and Majelis Taklim. At some private universities in West Java and Jakarta, Ustadz Bahrun Mubarok teaches Islamic Thought. In 2013 Ustadz Bahrun Mubarok started to join Dompet Duafa Jakarta. One of This Foundation’s activity is to send Imam and Da’i to other countries. He went to Hongkong and Machau in 2013 and to Islamic Center of Newcastle, Australia in 2014.

Habib Qais Abdurrahman Assegaf

Habib Qais graduated from Al Azhar University from the faculty of Islamic philosophy. He has studied in Islamic schools since his young days. Habib Qais comes from a family tradition of notable scholars. He is from the Indonesian Hadrami community and is a descendent of Prophet (pbuh). Habib Qais served as visiting scholar in residence in Islamic Centre of Newcastle where he organised National Mosque Open Day, adult/womens/converts learning programs, conducted lectures for non-Muslims in response to invitations from community organisations and started off youth pilot programs in Melbourne, Sydney and Newcastle. Habib Qais also has experience in being part of a de-radicalisation prison project in Indonesia and pilot project in Australia.

Ustad Ahmad Azhari Adam


Ustad Ahmad graduated from four hundred year old Mudi Islamic College in Aceh, where he currently teaches. He has also studied in Islamic schools since his young days. Ustad Ahmad was a visiting scholar in residence for three months in Islamic Centre of Newcastle where he started off Qasida programs, youth learning programs and helped organise National Mosque Open Day.

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